Nails of the Week: July 15, 2011

On my fingernails, I am wearing Sun Kissed by Del Sol.

The picture is of what the nail polish looks like in the sun.

1. Coat each nail with RapiDry Top Coat by O.P.I. . I like using this as my base coat because it dries extremely quickly. (Read here to find out why you should wear a base coat on your nails before you paint them.)

2. Paint one coat of Sun Kissed by Del Sol on each nail. Wait for it to dry completely.

3. To intensify the color and to get better results, coat each nail a second time with Sun Kissed by Del Sol. Wait again for it to dry completely.

4. I would not suggest to put a top coat over the nail polish because then it might not change colors in the sun. (I will explain more about these nail polishes in my upcoming review of Del Sol!)

On my toenails, I am wearing four different nail polishes.

1. Coat each toenail with RapiDry Top Coat by O.P.I.

2. Paint each nail with a bright orange colored nail polish. I am not sure of the brand of the one I used, but it is shaped like a cat and was made for Halloween.

3. Once dry, make sure to paint a second coat of the orange nail polish on each nail.

4. Once the second coat is try, find a hot pink nail polish. I am using Neon Fire by Claire’s. Paint half of your toe this color. If your toes are extremely small, I would just let one small drop fall on to the toe nail. However, I did not have to do this with my toe nails.

5. Once dry, repeat step four.

6. Once the second coat of pink dries, take Fractured Foil by Sally Hanson (this is a crackle nail polish), and coat each toe nail with it. Make sure to work quickly. If you take too long it could mess up your design. (Look for a review on this line coming soon!)

It looked cooler in the other picture, but in this one you can't see the excess polish that I hadn't cleaned up yet. If you want to see the other picture, let me know and I'll post it.

7. Finally, once the crackle over coat has completely dried, you can finish it off with clear top coat if you would like. I chose to stop after step six.

Overall thoughts: Although I really like the complete look, I think the design would have turned out better on my finger nails. I will definitely be trying it again in the future!

**EDIT: I would not suggest using the RapiDry as a base coat; it makes the nail polish chip a lot faster.


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