Swimsuit Do’s and Don’ts: Pear

Happy Fourth of July! Stay tuned for a special holiday post that will be up later today.

This is the fourth edition of Swimsuit Do’s and Don’ts.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

To buy the pink bikini, click here.
Find the coral and yellow halter top here.
For the strapless suit, click here.

If you have a pear shaped body, you’re probably going to want to balance your torso with the bottom half of your body.

To balance your top half with your bottom half, wear a strapless swimsuit. Wear a dark, solid, well-fitting bottom paired with an embellished top. It will draw the eye up to your upper half. Try embellishments such as ruffles or beads. To emphasize your chest, wear a padded halter swimsuit top.

Don’t wear lighter colors on the bottom half of your bikini because it will draw attention downwards. Also, don’t wear skirts or boy short type bathing suits because they will make you look wider on your bottom half.


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