How to: Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

Many people do not know the correct way to find out what their correct shade of foundation is. A large percentage of them probably guess based on the color of the bottle and the name of the shade. However, this technique does not always work. A couple of days ago I learned the correct way to find the perfect foundation shade. If tester foundations are available, I highly recommend you try this.

First, pick the foundation of your choice. For the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to use Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, which I am familiar with, as an example.

This is probably the shade that I'd end up choosing.

Pick a range of shades to test out on your skin. For myself, I would probably choose Ivory (100), Warm Ivory (102), True Ivory (103), and Soft Beige (200). Then, I would take a dollop of each and swatch them in a line on my face where I can see them. I suggest blending each shade down to your chin and neck. Make sure you remember the order of the shades that you put on your face.

After you have applied the foundation, and it has dried, go outside where there is natural light. Hopefully when you do this it is sunny, otherwise this technique will not work. Bring a mirror that allows you to see all the colors on your face.

Once you get outside, hold the mirror up to your face. Closely examine the different shades of foundation on your sin. Whichever shade completely disappears against your skin in the sunlight is your perfect foundation color.

If there is not one shade that completely matches your skin color, but there are two that seem very close,  you will need to mix them to get your perfect shade. If you do not wish to purchase two foundations, just choose the one that is closest to the shade of your skin.


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