TAG: Eight Most Worn Things

I saw this tag on YouTube, and I decided that I wanted to do it. You are supposed to state your most worn lipstick or lip gloss, pair of earrings, shirt, nail polish, shoes, hair product, perfume, and purse. Here are my eight most worn things:

My most worn lip gloss is L.A. Colors in Cotton Candy. I got this a while ago, so the bottom half of the lip gloss is getting close to being gone. I’m still working on the top half though!

My most worn pair of earrings is probably a pair of faux diamond studs. I have many earrings, but I don’t really wear one pair more than the rest.

I don’t think I wear one shirt obviously more than the rest, so I’m going to go with my camis and tank tops. I have them in almost every color, and I wear them all the time, sometimes alone and sometimes under another shirt I’m wearing.

My most worn nail polish is either “It’s Up To You” by Nicole by O.P.I or “Halt” by Cutex Ultra. I got “It’s Up To You” in eighth grade when my aunt bought it for me, and I’ve worn it a lot. I’ve had “Halt” since I was in kindergarten, when I got sick. My bought it for me to make me feel better because red is my favorite color. :) Thank you, Aunt Janice and Mom!

My most worn pair of shoes is probably my potato shoes. I wore them almost everyday from sometime in fifth grade to ninth grade. I’ve had to get two new pairs because I wore the first two out so much.This year was the first year that I didn’t wear them a majority of the days. I still give them love though!

My most used hair product is my Pantene shampoo. I used this brand for over a year straight! It smells so good, and I will definitely be returning to this brand sometime.

My most worn perfume is Promise Me by Aeropostle. I got it back in eight grade, and the only reasons it is not finished now is because I don’t want it to be gone. Next time I will definitely have to get the bigger bottle.

My most used purse is my giraffe looking one that I got in the seventh grade. I used it non-stop for the rest of the year. I’ve carried for a couple of months every year since then. I have gotten many compliments on it, no matter what year it is.

What are your eight most worn things?

P.S. Check out my Target Haul; it has new pictures!


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