Foundation Tips: June 27, 2011

Here a  few quick foundation tips  from the book Ask CosmoGirl: About Beauty!

What is the best way to conceal a sunburn?
Use a peach or pink-toned concealer to cover all the red areas.  (Green also cancels out red, so that could work too.) Your normal concealer might not work because it is probably too light for your sunburned skin. Once you have concealed all the areas, just finish off with your normal foundation routine. 

If you can’t find any foundation light enough for your skin, what do you do?
The book suggests that you use a tinted moisturizer to warm up your face without looking completely unnatural. Go about putting on your concealer as usual, and then dust over your face with a translucent powder. The powder will set your makeup so that it lasts throughout the day.

What is a good way to find foundation for Asian skin?
Try a foundation that is neutral instead of cool or warm. This means pick one that is yellow-based instead of orange, pink, or blue. Also, don’t use translucent powder because it can look ashy on your skin. Instead,  use a powder that is the same color as your foundation.

Sorry about posting two foundation posts two days in a row. I didn’t realize it until I’d already finished this one. :/



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