Kristen’s Birthday

Happy birthday Kristen! (Her birthday was June 10th, but my computer wasn’t working correctly then, so I have to do this now.)

I didn’t get any pictures of what we were wearing, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you.

For her pool party with her friends, I wore a multi-colored bikini with white shorts and a cover-up from St. Thomas (thanks, Mom and Dad!). For my makeup, I did my regular pool look.

For her family party, I wore a strapless floral dress that I got a Rue21. With it, I wore a necklace that I received for my sixteenth birthday, a pink ring, and black earrings.

I gave Kristen some makeup items, so we may be doing a tutorial soon using them. :)

After Kristen’s party, my grandma gave me a book on how to make old Hollywood jewelry using Swarovski crystals. Once I get the chance to go shopping for the materials I need, I’ll be sure to do a tutorial. Thank you, Grandma! :)

Coming up soon:
Later today: Curvy Myths
June 17th: Perfume Poll
June 17th: Foundation Routine Update
June 18th: A Day of Beauty Blunders
June 19th: New Dress a Day Website


2 thoughts on “Kristen’s Birthday

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