Curvy Myths

I wanted to do an outfit of the day today, but it’s a shirt that I’ve already featured so I decided not to. If you have interest in what I’m wearing, please visit my post about it a couple of months ago, “Study Session and Baseball Game.”

However, I do still want to keep the topic today fashion related. I don’t have time to complete the second part of “Fashion Trends,” but that post will be coming up within a week or two.

So today I’m going to write about myths that some people believe they must follow if they have a curvy body type.

Should I avoid form fitting clothing?

Not only does the band around the middle of the dress accentuate my waist, but the ruffles also hide any unwanted curves.

No! I read in an article the other day that some plus-sized women believe they have to shop at maternity stores and wear all black. This myth is not true. In fact, sometimes loose-fitting clothing can make you look even larger than you are. Just make sure that the clothing accentuates your best features. For example, if you have a very slim waist but larger thighs, wear something that is form fitting in the middle and shows off your waist.

Is wearing skinny jeans a bad idea?

The heels also slim your legs because it causes your thigh muscles to contract, making you appear thinner.

Going along with the question above, as long as you wear a pair that fits you the best. Be sure to check if your jeans have the correct proportion and style for your body. If you’re not sure, ask someone you trust or someone who works at the store. To enlongate your legs, pair your skinny jeans with heels.

What about pencil skirts, are those a bad idea?

Contrary to popular belief, I think pencil skirts are actually quite slimming. Unfortunately, I do not own one, but I am definitely on the look out. Pencil skirts are especially slimming if you add a big belt, statement jewelry, and heels.
(I got the picture of the skirt here.)

Can I wear patterns and prints?

Of course! Patterns and prints are really big in fashion this season, as you will see in my future post, “Fashion Trends: Part Two.” (If you are interested in part one, click here.) The rule for curvy women is the same as for slimmer women: as long as they are in the same color range, go for it! Obviously, the patterns might not always look good, even if they are in the same color range. If you’re not sure, ask someone that you know is good with fashion.
(I found the picture here.)

Is black the only slimming color?

The different colors keep the eye from being drawn to one specific part of your body.

There are many different opinions about this topic, but I say no. If worn correctly, I think any color can slim you down. You could either wear a solid color or wear a clothing item that is color-blocked. Color-blocking is wearing an article of clothing, such as a dress, that has different sections of colors.
(I got the picture of the dress here.)


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