I won something?!

It wasn’t anything big, but I’m still excited!

One of the girls I’m subscribed to on YouTube, ButterflyBee304, decided  to have a contestsince she reached 80 subscribers. The grand prize was a set of OPI Nail Polish set, and the four runner-ups got to be featured on her channel for one month. I decided to enter, figuring I had nothing to lose.

I didn’t win the grand prize, but I do get to be featured on her channel! I am very excited, especially since she has almost 160 subscribers now! Hopefully my channel and blog will get more exposure now. :)

Thank you, Ashley, for the great contest! Also, thank you for featuring me on your page. :) It means a lot!

Congratulations to the other winners. :)

To watch the video about the contest, click here.

To watch the video where she announces the winners click here.

To visit her channel, click here.

To visit my channel click here.


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