Fashion Trends 2011: Part One

These are trends that I have noticed are popular in 2011. There are some other ones, but these are the generic go to fashions.

Pop of Color

Featuring Rue21 (click on to enlarge)

Bright colors are definitely in this year, especially during the summer. If you think brightly colored clothing is too daring for you, try just adding a colorful accessory, such as your purse or shoes. Personally, I love bright colors, so my closet is filled with them. There are many ways you can wear them. Some people like to wear all neutral colored clothing, such as black, and then use bright jewelry to bring the look together. Others like to wear all bright clothing and use neutral accessories. I almost always include a bright color in my outfit.

Mixing Colors

Featuring Charlotte Russe (click on to enlarge)

Some people like taking colors to a more extreme level by mixing them. Some of these are wearable for an everyday look. For example, I have many shirts that incorporate more than one color into the design. However, some other looks are quite outrageous and are for fashionably brave people. A demonstration of this look would be a person who wore a bright yellow shirt, red shorts, and a bright blue purse. It’s crazy, yet people do it. The examples I put together in the collage above are shirts that I think subtly show this trend without going too far.

Nude Tones

Featuring Urban Outfitters (click on to enlarge)

from Guess

from Target

Just like many other people, I am really into nude tones right now. Although I do like the color for clothing, I especially love to accessorize with nude tones. For example, my new purse is coinciding with this trend. I feel that every girl needs a pair of nude heels, so I am on the prowl. I want them because they give the illusion that your legs are longer than they are, which I need. Also, if you are wearing a very busy outfit, than nude toned accessories can still dress you up without being overbearing.

White Out

Featuring Guess (click on to enlarge)

I don’t think I’ve ever known I time where white was not in style. It makes everyone look so clean and fresh. The best quality of white is that it goes with everything. You can match it with black, brown, metallics, and any other color or style you can think of. I don’t have many white clothing garments in my closet, but I do have many white accessories.

Going Black

Featuring New York and Company (click on to enlarge)

Similar to white, black is always in style. However, black can be used in many ways. Black can look class or trashy depending on how you wear it. It is very important to make sure you use the color to express yourself in the best way possible. I actually have a lot of black clothing and accessories, but I never wear an entire black outfit. I always include another color in my outfit, just to brighten it up.

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