Project Ten: Pan, Care, and Random

After completing my first part of Project Ten Pan a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make some changes. The first time, it didn’t really work for me. I got bored with it, so I ended up buying some products. :/ This time, I’m really going to do it. I used the last one pretty much as a product review of everything I have finished.

Well, from now on, I’m going to be splitting the project into two parts: Project Ten Care and Project Ten Pan. Project Ten Care will be products, such as shampoo and lotion, that I use to take care of myself. I already have a few products that I am really close to finishing, so I will be completing this one first. I’m expecting to finish a couple of lotions, my shampoo, my body wash, and a few other things.

Project Ten Pan will be just like the one I did before, except only makeup. This one will take a lot longer to finish, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I’m hoping to finish some ย lip glosses, two mascaras, a foundation, and some other things. Eyeshadows will definitely be the hardest to finish, which is sad because that’s what I have the most of.

I may also be including a Project Ten Random because I have other things, such as candles, that I want to tell you guys about. This section could range anywhere from office supplies to food. I’m not completely sure about this section yet, so let me know what you think of it.

If you see me post a Bath & Body Works and MAC Haul within the next week or two, I didn’t break my promise already. My mom and I went shopping a couple of days ago at Bath & Body Works, I just haven’t gotten a chance to upload the haul. And I ordered my first few MAC products last week, so they’ll be coming in soon.

Well, Project Ten Pan and Project Ten Care are starting…now.


4 thoughts on “Project Ten: Pan, Care, and Random

  1. Veronica Samson says:

    I am thinking of doing this same thing (Project ten/care) and this really motivated me to start! But I would love to see Project ten random!! Great idea!! :)

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