Why Didn’t I Know of This Last Week? How to Cure Razor Burn

We’ve all been there…you want to wear something, for example shorts or a dress, that shows your legs. Well, you want to have smooth legs, so you shave. What’s the problem here? Your razor is old, and as a result, you get razor burn.

Here’s a myth: Your razor has to be old for you to get razor burn.

This is not true. My legs last week could testify to that. I had just switched over to a new razor, and I got razor burn. How did this happen. Because my old razor was dull, I had to press down to get a good close shave. With my new razor, that was not necessary. However, this thought didn’t occur to me, and I did it anyway. The results were painful and ugly.

So, enough rambling, how do we fix this? I read an article on Self’s website that would’ve saved me a lot of pain last week. Using items that you might already have in your kitchen, you could cure your razor burn.

Items You Will Need:

Black Tea Bag
One black tea bag will be greatly beneficial to your razor burn. This is useful because of what is inside the tea bag. It contains tannic acid, which is supposed to be good for reducing inflammation and redness.

Coconut Oil
You will only need three or four drops of the oil to get the desired effect. Coconut oil contains qualities that make it good for healing and moisturizing.

Recommended Instructions:

1. Soak the tea bag in water.

2. Microwave the tea for for ten to fifteen seconds. It should be warm and damp. (The article suggests to wait until the tea runs out of the bag a little.)

3. Apply the coconut to the outside of the tea bag.

4. Press the tea bag on the areas of your body that were affected by razor burn.

The article claims that this solution should work within minutes of application.

I do not have razor burn at the moment, but the next time I do I will definitely try this method out.

If any of you happen to try it, let me know what you think of it and how it works.


2 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Know of This Last Week? How to Cure Razor Burn

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