Clothes Sizing, Wherever You Go

I think we have all learned that the sizes of shirts, dresses, and pants in America are not consistent. While you could be a size four in one store, you could be a size six in another. In some malls, they are installing a body scanner that can help you with this problem. When you first walk into the shopping complex, your body is scanned. The employees then print out a sheet that tells you what size you where in each store. I believe that these body scanners should be installed into every mall and store because they would save women so much time. Can you imagine not having to try on every single item to see what size you wear in that brand? Shopping would be so much faster!

If you are going out of the United States of America, and you’re going to be clothes shopping, you probably would want to know that European sizing systems are not the same as the U.S.’s. In the United States, if you generally wear a size zero, then you would wear a size four in the United Kingdom and a size thirty-two in the other European countries. Each size from there up increases by an interval of two.

Shoe sizes also differ depending on what country you are in. If you wear a size five shoe in the United States, then you wear a size three in the United Kingdom and a size thirty-six in other European countries. Shoe sizes increase by an interval of one.

I may be doing other posts about other size transitions and how to figure out what size you wear, so let me know if you’re interested. :)


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