Study Session and Baseball Game

Last weekend was a really good weekend. Friday, I went to our school’s baseball doubleheader. I decided to do a blue makeup look to cheer on our team.

I've worn my hair this style a lot lately. I pin back the hairs that curl under so it gives off the effect that I straightened my hair. It saves my hair from getting damaged by my straightener. However, I do still straighten it now and then.

You can't really see all the different shades of blue I used in the picture. :/

I decided to wear a pink/coral lip. I really like how it turned out.:)

Saturday, I went to an AP study session at my friend’s house. The shirt I wore was from Wet Seal, the capris were from Target, and the necklace was bought at an art fair.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, I filmed two tutorials using all products that my mom has gotten for me. I will try to post at least one of them by the end of the weekend. :)

Yesterday we went out to celebrate my sister’s perfect score on her Language Arts GCRCT (I’m so proud of you, Krissy! :D), and this is what I wore:

For my makeup, I did a look consisting of colors that are on the shirt. I really like how it turned out, so hopefully I’ll be doing a tutorial on it soon. :)


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