Common Skin Care Mistakes

I’m back! The AP exam was Thursday, and it was a lot easier than I expected. I actually feel pretty well about how I did. :) Now that the pressure of the exam is gone, I should be updating a lot more.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, there are so many myths that are believed and mistakes that are made. One of the most commonly made mistakes is not wearing sunscreen when you go outside. Most people just put it on when they go to the beach or the pool, but wearing sunscreen should be an everyday thing. Even during the winter, the sun is shining, so you should protect your skin from its rays.

The next mistake goes hand in hand with the last one. Many people believe that the SPF in their makeup is enough to protect them from harmful sun rays. However, this thought is not entirely true. Sure, it may be enough to get you by while you’re shopping or are just outside while transitioning from place to place. On the other hand, when you are outside for a while, for example, washing your car or planting your garden, you need extra protection. ย Make sure to wear SPF cream or lotion everyday.
Even if people do wear sunscreen everyday, they often only wear it on their face. It is important to protect all of your skin, not just the parts that are most visible. You should even wear sunscreen under your clothing because it does not give you as much protection as you would think.

Another common mistake is over-drying out your skin. A lot of people believe that drying out the skin will help fight acne. However, this attempt is only a temporary solution. In fact, over-drying out the skin will eventually lead to clogging of the pores, redness, and irritation. One solution could be to use your acne products every other day as opposed to everyday.

This next mistake is one that I feel is probably a leading cause of over-drying the face and breakouts. Some people may think that if they have a few really oily spots on their face (most likely the t-zone: your forehead, your nose, and the area around your nose), then they should use a cleanser for oily skin. This assumption is most correct; however, it should only be used on the oily sections of your face. Using the “oil-free” cleanser on your entire face can leading to irritation and dry skin. ย The same thing applies to cleansers dedicated to acne treatment. You are actually hurting rather than helping yourself by using it on your entire face.

Another big mistake is going to sleep with your makeup on. I am often guilty of this mistake when I am up late studying or doing homework. Even if you are too tired to go through your whole face-cleaning routine, at least take off your makeup. However, it is highly suggested that you wash your face in both the morning and before you go to bed. (I have a whole post and video dedicated to my skincare routine coming up!) Washing your face this often will help clear up your skin and make you look younger and healthier.

This product is the makeup remover that I use many nights.

The next mistake is actually one that I just learned about. Some nights I would use my Neutrogena Wave to take off all of my foundation and clean my face. I found out that this technique is not effective for cleaning your face. It takes off all of your makeup, but it does not clean out your pores. Now every night before I wash my face, I take off all of my foundation along with my eye makeup.

The final mistake I’m going to talk about is over-exfoiliating. I’ve heard so many times that the more painful the exfoiliation, the better it is for you. This statement is not true. The exfoiliation process needs to be gentle to work best. Harsh exfoiliation can break your blood vessels, break your skin, and cause unwanted redness. This deeper treatment can be done, but not very often.

While on my break, I filmed two tutorials and an April favorites video. Those will be posted as soon as I can upload everything on my camera to my computer.


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