Important Summer Beauty Products

Here is a compiled list of the top beauty products you might want to get for the upcoming summer. (These are in no particular order.)


I cannot stress how important this product is! I know everyone has heard it a million times, but the sun’s harmful rays are no small thing. You can put sunscreen on under your makeup, or you can buy foundations and other products with SPF incorporated into them. Do not forget to reapply the sunscreen every couple hours.

$8.84 at Target. I like the spray bottles because they are a lot easier to apply and do not feel as heavy on your skin. On the other hand, the cream sunscreen might be more affective.


I always carry around chapstick, no matter what time of the year it is. It will help moisturize your lips in the hot summer sun. (Tip: steam your face before applying moisturizing lip or face products; it will help the product be absorbed!) It would be even better if you got a lip balm with SPF in it.

$2.99 at Target. I like this chapstick because it does not feel too greasy, and it smells amazing.

Mineral Water SprayΒ 

This spray will rehydrate your skin on a hot summer day without ruining your makeup. In fact, it can even revive it! Certain sprays, such as the Evian Mineral Water Spray, can soothe sun-burned and wind-chapped skin, and remove sweat, excess salt, and chlorine.

$12 for set of two at Sephora

Flower or Fruity Perfume

These aromas are perfect for summer because they are also natural scents that you can smell in the air. They are perfect for making a subtle impact on people.

$24.65-$35.95 at Kohl's (This perfume is described at fruity AND floral!)

Bronzing Powder

If you do not want to lay out in the sun or you want to give your new tan an extra boost, bronzing powder is perfect for the job. When done the correct way, it will give you that sun-kissed glow without going overboard.

$11.99 at Ulta

Golden Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows in the shades of gold, bronze, and brown will go perfectly with your tanned skin. They also go great with summery outfits, such as a floral dress. (Honestly, almost any shimmer eyeshadow will look good during the summer because the sun will reflect off of the shimmer, but it will not look like too much.

$16 Smashbox at Ulta. They also have the other colors I mentioned (Brazilian Bronze, Toast, Ambient, etc.). This color is 24K-Desert Chic.

Neon Nailpolish

I almost always have a neon nailpolish on my fingernails during the summer time. The colors really pop against your skin, especially if you have gotten a shade or two darker. You can make neon colors casual or classy. You can wear them with a fun bathing suit in the daytime or wear them with a little black dress at night.

Hydrating Hairspray

These types of hairsprays will help control the frizz in your hair on a humid day and hydrate (or protect) your skin after being in the harmful sun’s rays.

$23 at Ulta

Blotting Sheets!

These might actually be at the top of my list for summer. They soak up any excess sweat or oil on your face without messing up your makeup. They even come in a small package so you can take them in your pocket or your purse. I highly suggest getting some.

$5.79 at Walgreens. If you buy anything on this list, I highly suggest buying this item. Especially if you have an oily face like mine.

Tinted Moisturizer

This product hydrates and tans your face. Even though it might seem like your face produces a lot more moisture during the summer, you still need to hydrate it. Also, the slight tan it gives you washes off in the shower, so you do not have to worry if you do not want to take the time to keep up with self–tanning. All you have to do is apply the moisturizer anywhere your skin shows that you want to be a tad darker.

$14.44 at Ulta.


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