OOTD: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Today I wore a dress I got at Rue21, a black belt, a black cropped jacket, and black ankle boots.

This one is kind of blurry, but you get the whole affect.

Clearer picture of the dress

When I painted my nails the other night, I decided to just do a plain color and not do anything exciting with them. I painted them with Sinful Colors in Love Nails. I really like this color; I originally thought it was going to be like the color of my bedroom, but it’s more of a blue with a hint of green. It kind of reminds me of the sea.

I used my ELF eyeshadow (in Wild Wheat) for the first time yesterday, and I loved it! It goes great when you’re doing a neutral everyday look, when you want a shimmer but don’t want a lot of color, or if you just want to use it to supplement your other colors. I highly recommend both the eyeshadow and the nailpolish.

I have a book by CosmoGIRL that has a bunch of beauty tips. I’m going to start putting one in each post. Today’s tip has to do with face cleansers. The question asked was, “I just bought a new cleanser all my friends were raving about, but it doesn’t make my skin tingle like my old one did. Don’t I have to feel something for a product to be working?”  The editors replied, “Guess what? You don’t. Companies make tingly washes and grainy scrubs because research shows that people associate certain sensations with cleanliness. Those products do cleanse but may not clear up pimples. If you like them and they don’t both your skin, go ahead and use them.”
Unlike many people, I actually prefer for the cleanser to not make my skin tingle. I do, however, like to use grainy scrubs on my face. I feel like it gently exfoliates your skin without being painful and harsh.
How do you like your face cleansers to feel?


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