Your Guide to Makeup Brushes: The Face

Since my last blog was about eye brushes, this post is going to show you the different uses for makeup applications brushes for your face.

Foundation Brush

190 MAC Foundation Brush $32.00

Although this is not one of the most popular brushes, many people do use this to apply their foundation. The brush creates a smooth, even look with your foundation. However, instead of using this brush, many people use foundations sponges instead.

Foundation Sponge

Foundation sponges are essentially used in the same way as foundation brushes. You can use them to build up the foundation in certain spots. They are sometimes easier to use than brushes because you can get extremely close to your hairline. I definitely prefer sponges over brushes because I believe it gives you a more even application.

Concealer Brush

195 MAC Concealer Brush $22.50

These brushes help to apply the concealer in the precise location that it is needed. You can also use it to blend the concealer outward so that the final product looks natural and flawless.

Powder Brush

150 MAC Large Powder Brush $42.00

This brush is used to apply loose or pressed powder onto your face. I would probably use this brush to dust translucent powder on my face after I’ve applied my foundation and concealer.

Blush Brush

116 MAC Blush Brush $32.00

The blush brush is used to apply brush and highlight to your face with even shading.

Fantail Brush

Benefit Cosmetics Fantail Brush $22.00

This brush is actually the one that inspired me to do these two blog posts. The other day, I wasn’t sure what it was used for, so I decided to Google it. I found out that the fantail brush can be used for a couple different things. The first one is it can be used to apply blush, highlight or bronzer. The reason that it is a good brush for this application is because it prevents the powder from being applied too heavily. It will give your face a more natural finish to it. The second use is one that I will definitely be testing out tomorrow. This website stated that the fantail brush can be used to remove excess powder from your face without smearing it. For example, say while I was doing my eye makeup, some of the powder fell off the brush and onto my face. If I just brushed it off with my hand, the color would smear on my face. However, with this brush, I could get off the colored powder without smearing it.

Lip Brush

316 MAC Lip Brush $19.50

This brush is used to apply lip color, whether it is lip gloss, lipstick, lip stain, or any other coloring device you might have. It allows you to apply as many coats as you want while still maintaining a precise line around the edges of your lips. The MAC website said that it may also be used as an eyeliner applicator.

I do not own any of these specific brushes; I have a different brand. I only chose to show the MAC products because I have heard from many people that they are of very high quality and last for a very long time (unless you abuse them…that will be in a different post sometime soon).

There are many brushes that you can find for a much lower price, but they will be of lower quality. However, they will still get the job done. You can find many good brushes at Ulta for a reasonable price.


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