A couple months ago, I saw a video from Elle and Blair on YouTube about a fashion website, Boutiques. Being the curious person I am, I decided to check it out.

It’s basically a website where, based on your fashion preferences, it suggests items that it believes you may like. When you first sign up, you fill out a survey about what you kind of fashion you like and what you don’t. When you’re done with the survey, it tells you what type of fashion you’re most in to. It’s incredibly accurate. After I finished my survey, it told me that my type of fashion is “romance.” After looking through a lot of clothing it considers of the “romance” type, I have to agree. However, if you feel that the choice it gave you is incorrect, you can redo it to find a better option.

Once you find out your type of fashion, it’s time to create a profile. My profile shows a couple “romance” styles that I liked at the top of the page. Below that, the website suggests many fashion items that it thinks you may like based on your preferred type of fashion. When looking at the suggestions, you can click “save,” “share,” “love,” or “hate.” The “save” button will save the item to your favorites list. The “share” button allows you send the item to someone in an email or post the item on Twitter. When you click on the “love” button, a little message box pops up to ask you why you love it. The choices are “the brand,” “the color,” “the pattern,” “the silhouette,” “the price,” or all of the above.” You get the same choices when you click the “hate” button.

The favorites page.

This is what pops up when you click "share on Twitter."

After you share it...

I know that a lot of the items on this website are really expensive, but there are some affordable purchases you can make too. So far, the price range I’ve seen is $4.80 for a ring to nearly $10,000 for a necklace. There are options you can choose if you only want the things on sale or if you just want the luxury items.


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