Clear Nailpolish…Why Wear It?

There are several reasons you will almost always find clear nailpolish somewhere on my nails. The only times it won’t be there is I have just taken off my nailpolish or if I’m wearing Del Sol nail color.

Why do I wear it all the time?

There are several reasons.

1) It provides a basecoat for any colored nailpolish you might put on.

2) It evens out the ridges so the nailpolish will go on smoother.

3) It helps the colored nailpolish look more opaque and makes the color stand out more.

4) It prevents some of the color from seeping into your nails, so you don’t get that gross yellow look.

5) Certain clear coats will help your nails stay strong and not break as often.

Right now I am using Touch of Diamonds Nail Formula, but any brand will do the trick.


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