Forever21 Tips

Okay, so many girls I know are obsessed with Forever 21. Personally, the only things I’ve ever found there that I like are jewelry items.

For those of you who love Forever21, I read this article about the items them. This store is notorious for having amazingly low prices. But how do you know what is worth the price?

Well, the article gave several examples of some good and bad buys.

Good Buys


Because the tops at Forever21 are usually fairly cheap, they are a good buy.
You can get things that will almost always be in style, like this floral tank, for a good price.


You can also get fashion fads for a reasonable price. The good part is once they go out of style, you won’t be too upset because you didn’t pay an extreme price for it.



Forever21 is a great place to get sunglasses. They’re extremely cheap (some of the cheapest I’ve ever seen!), so you probably won’t get too upset if something happens to them.
Here are some that I like:

$5.80 (I actually have a similar pair of sunglasses that I got at Target that were about four times this price.)

$5.80 (I have these in pink that I got for a little less than two times the price.)

$5.80 (I want these so much. ♥)


The bags are a pretty good price, and I found a bunch of cute ones on the website.
So many people have bags like this at my school. Mine actually looks really similar to this one:

$34.80 (Mine was actually cheaper, and I got it at Target.)

I really like this next clutch. It’s fashionable and makes a statement without going overboard.


I LOVE this next clutch. It’s super cute and would go great with the styles this spring and summer.

$9.50 (great find!!)


I love jewelry from Forever21. It’s always up-to-date with what’s hot in fashion, and it’s really cheap. (The article I read said earrings may be problematic because of what they’re coated with. I’ve never bought a pair of earrings from there, so I’m not sure if this is true or not.)
I told myself I was going to pick out only one of each type of jewelry to show, but I couldn’t help myself; it’s all so cute!
I love this bracelet; it’s so unique and feminine!


This really is very unique and would certainly make a statement with any outfit.


This necklace is also very unique (what can I say, I haven’t really seen anything like these items before) but it also goes with the trend of having a long necklace with a statement piece at the end of it.


Although I have two heart necklaces (both from Forever21), this one still stands out to me because it’s outline in diamonds. I love how the word “love” is placed in the middle of it.

$2.80 (great find!!)

Also a heart necklace, I adore the little designs that are inscribed on this wooden necklace.



Finally, the article said that swimsuits are a great buy at Forever21. This is because as opposed to other stores, where a swimsuit might be $20 per piece (or more!), at Forever21, its $20 or less for the entire suit. Talk about a good find!

Bad Buys


I’ve never bought a pair of jeans from Forever21, but the article said that because they are so low-priced, they are not very good of quality. The author said that the jeans may be thin, ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and short-lasting.




While looking for dresses to put on here, I came across several that I like. Unfortunately, the article seems to be right. Unless you are buying a maxi dress, the dresses at Forever21 are extremely short. However, if you are shorter than the average girl, like myself, you may find that the dresses are a better length on you than they appear on the models.




Although the shoes at Forever21 are adorable, the article states that they are uncomfortable.
I’m pretty much in love with this heels:


I like these so much, I’d almost be willing to give them a shot. One thing I took notice of while reading the article was that it didn’t mention sandals. So maybe that means the sandals are not as bad, because I can’t imagine sandals being so unbearably painful that you can’t wear them.
These sandals are really cute and are a good alternative to heels to dress up an outfit:


If you have had an contrasting experience with any of these items at Forever21, PLEASE let me know so I can tell everyone else. We don’t want anyone to miss out on a great inexpensive item!


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