New Twist on Grey Nailpolish

This week I decided to paint my nails and toenails. I painted my nails with the nailpolish that changes colors in the sun that I told you about last Sunday.

First, I put one layer of a clear base coat on all of my nails.

Then, I applied two layers of this grey nailpolish from Rue21:

Rue Beaute!

Then, once it was dry, I used a light pink shimmer nailpolish and went over the grey. Instead of a clear top coat, I used this nailpolish to keep it from chipping because it doesn’t chip very easily.

It's more of a lighter pink than it shows up as.

I really like how this turned out, and now I want to see how it meshes with other colors.:)

Some product reviews:

The Del Sol nailpolish dries very quickly, but unfortunately, it chips extremely easily (even with two coats.) I recommend applying three coats of this nailpolish and to always carry it with you in case you need to touch up. Also, do not put a base or top coat on your nails with this nailpolish because then the color change will not work.

I bought the grey nailpolish at Rue21 for a really cheap price (we’re talking two to three dollars). The color comes out good the first time, but I applied a second coat to keep it from chipping. I would definitely recommend buying this if you want a good, cheap nailpolish.

Tuesday’s Outfit of the Day:

I wore a purple, quarter-sleeved shirt with jeans and my black sandals.

I wore this ring and its matching necklace:

Also, I wore this black, dimaond-studded bracelet, which is very similar to the one I wore yesterday.


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