Rue21 Half Haul

So while I was in Myrtle Beach, my parents took my sister and I shopping. Like usual, I went straight to Rue21. I saw many things in there that I wanted to buy, but I ended up only coming out with three things. I got two strapless dresses and a pair of black sandals.

My sister actually picked out this first dress. I thought it was really pretty, and it was actually kind of flattering to my figure. (Even my dad said he liked it!)

While I was picking out clothes, my mom said she didn’t like this type of dress on me. However, I just could not resist. I personally love this type of dress, I don’t really care how it looks (which is not the smartest thing to do…). I ended up getting it, and I cannot wait to wear it!

The flowers in the picture look red-orange, but they're really a hot pink color.

The last thing I got were these black sandals. I absolutely LOVE them. The only reason I was able to convince my dad to let me get them was because I amazingly don’t have any black flat sandals. (If you’ve seen my shoe collection, you would understand why this is so shocking.)

There were three or four other things I wanted to buy but didn’t get to. The first was a short sleeve blue shirt white white lace trim around the top. I thought it was really pretty, but when my dad said I could only have two items of clothing, it was the first to go. The second, which was actually probably my favorite, was a red, one-quarter-sleeved shirt. Remember that shirt I wore at the very beginning of my blog posts? Well it looked really similar to that, except it was red, the one sleeve was longer, and the flowers were done differently. The reason I didn’t get this shirt was because my dad didn’t approve of it…even though I have similar shirts. I’m hoping this shirt will appear in my wardrobe in the future, along with the heels I wanted to get while I was there. The heels were nude colored (I don’t have these, either, and everyone needs a pair of nude heels, right?!), and really tall. I loved them, but my dad wouldn’t let me get these either. These he actually approved of, he just wanted me to get them some other time, when they are at a lower price. The last things I saw that I really liked were these feather earrings. (Feathers are totally in right now; some people are even getting feather extensions in their hair!) They were SO cute, and really inexpensive, but I didn’t get them because frankly, Rue21’s accessories suck. They always fall apart. I really recommend you splurge at some other store because I have gotten few items from there that actually last. (This goes for belts and jewelry. The shoes seem pretty decent from what I can tell.)

It's not actually quite this orange, it's more pale, and not as yellow looking.

This is what it is supposed to look like in the sun. Again, it's not the exact color, but you get the idea.

Oh yeah! I got one more thing while in Myrtle Beach. One day we went to Broadway (I would compare it to the Disney Market, except not as cool.), and went into a store called Del Sol. The first time I was exposed to this store was when we went on our cruise last summer. This store is so cool. All of the merchandise changes colors in the sunlight! Last time I was there I got two nailpolishes (one changes from blue to green and the other changes from clear to a pink-red color) and a white necklace that changes to pink. This time I got this light orange colored  nailpolish that changes to a deeper orange in the sunlight. It is called “Sun Kissed.” I really like the color of it, and I can’t wait to wear it.:) And because I spent a certain amount of money, I received a free tote bag! It has a bunch of flowers on it that change to pretty colors when I go outside.:)


8 thoughts on “Rue21 Half Haul

  1. Savannah says:

    I love feathery things! In fact I just bought these earrings at a store called Mandee’s (my favorite store ever) in New York. I’ll show you a pic of them on Facebook (:

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