My Everyday Routine: SHMH

One of my favorite websites is, which is a website created by my two favorite beauty gurus, Blair and Elle Fowler. I get so many ideas from them, and they have become my fashion and makeup inspirations.

So today I was reading through my emails, catching up on things I missed while I was gone. I got an update from their website, and Blair had posted about her everyday routine. She asked her viewers to give feedback about the post, and after I had posted a comment, I decided that this would be a pretty good thing to post about. (If you look on the link, you can see my comment on her blog.)

Blair said that her routine is SHMH, which stands for “Shower Hair Makeup Hair”. My routine is also SHMH. Here is my routine:

The very first thing I do in the morning before anything else is put in my contacts. Why? Because my vision is absolutely terrible, and if I didn’t, I would surely run into a wall.

My showers always come first when it comes to preparing myself, whether it’s before I go to bed or when I wake up in the morning. Once I get in the shower, I wash my hair twice with Pantene’s shampoo. Afterwards, I ring out the excess water in my hair and put in Pantene’s conditioner. Then, while that is settling in, I wash my face using Olay’s Pore Redefining Scrub, and I wash my body with Tone’s Cocoa Butter Mango Splash Body Wash. After that, I shave using Skintimate’s Soothing Petals cream shave.

When I brush my teeth really depends on the morning. Sometimes I brush them in the shower, sometimes before, and sometimes after. It really just depends on when I remember to do it.

After I shower, I get all of the excess water out of my hair using a towel. If I’m taking my shower in the morning, I then blow dry my hair.

After I dry my hair, I get dressed in the clothes that I picked out the night before. I have to pick mine out the night before because often I’m really indecisive about what to wear. It takes a really long time especially in the morning because I’m half asleep.

While waiting for my hair to be completely dry, I do my makeup. Most of the time I just do my everyday brown neutral look, which doesn’t take that long. However, lately I’ve been doing some experimenting with my makeup looks. So in recent times, my makeup has been taking a little bit longer to do.

When I have finished putting on my makeup, I style my hair. Most of the time I just do something to pull my bangs out of my face since I am growing them out. Every once in a while I’ll decide to straighten my hair if it seems a little less straight then normal. (My hair is naturally pretty straight for the most part.)


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