Prom Week: Day Four (March 23, 2011)

So today I wore this skirt

With a bright blue cami and this white lace coverup

At the beginning of the day, I was wearing this black beaded necklace.

However, in fourth period, the string broke. I still wanted to wear it, so I just tied it above where the beads began. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I actually kinda liked it.

While I was wearing it, instead of the beads being side by side, the longer side was in front of the shorter.

Today I’ll be talking about the prom color scheme of red. I know not many people wear short dresses to prom, but I don’t have any other long dresses. I wore this dress to two homecomings this year: my boyfriend’s homecoming at another school and the homecoming at my  school.

Here’s how it looks when I’m standing:

With this look, I wore these heels,

Carried this clutch (the same one that I showed for Day Two),

And wore my mom’s black jeweled bracelet and earrings.

I curled my hair with a Jose Eber curling iron, and I absolutely LOVE it. This curling iron is the only thing that will give my hair spiral curls. I highly recommend it.:) The only glitch is it gets extremely hot, and the gloves don’t protect your hands very well.

For my makeup, I just wore a neutral brown look.

Tip of the day: Make sure you do a trial run for both your makeup and your hair. You don’t want to find out that it doesn’t work the day of prom. Also, make sure to schedule your nail appointment about three days before and waxing, if that’s what you want, for about four days before the dance.


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