Start of Prom Week

So today we got up and packed up everything in the hotel. Then after everyone left, Katie and I went out for brunch with her family and mine.

Here we are on the way there:

Katie and me β™₯

Then while we were waiting for out table at IHOP, they gave us this namecard that they’d call out when our table was ready:

"Hi, I'm Beyonce."

Here’s my outfit:

I also took pictures of my staple jewelry that I wear almost everyday to show you guys.

*Bracelet from Cozumel, Mexico

*Friendship bracelet from my friend, Hannah

*Sister ring from Kristen for my 15th birthday

*Friendship necklace from my best friend, Stephanie, for my 16th birthday

It says, "A circle is round and has no end; that's how long I want to be your friend."

I forgot to tell you guys, I’m doing a prom segment this week, starting today. I am not going to prom this year, but if I was, I think getting ready could be more fun than the actual dance.

My first day of Prom Week will consist of hair tips.

1) “For an up-do, it’s best NOT to wash your hair the same day you have the up-do. One-day-old hair holds the best with pins and clips.”

2) Don’t cut your hair the week of prom.

3) Don’t color your hair the day of prom.

4) Schedule your hair appointment way ahead of time.

5) It’s best to give your hairstyle a trial run sometime before the actual prom.

6) Pick a hairstyle that compliments your face and your dress.


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