Prom Week: Day Two (March 21, 2011)

Here is the shirt that I wore today:

I wore this jacket with it. This jacket, from Target, has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s made by Converse.

For today’s prom segment, I’ll show you the bridesmaid dress I wore to my cousin, Erica’s wedding. I thought it was a really pretty dress and could easily be worn as a prom dress.

the full dress

Here's a better view of the black sash.

I think because it is a simple dress, curly hair is a good choice. You could really do your hair however you wanted with this dress. I used the Jose Eber curling iron to curl my hair.

Because the sash is really pretty and decorated, a bunch of jewelry is not necessary. I just wore a necklace and earrings that Erica gave to all the bridesmaids:

For makeup, I just wore a neutral brown look. Another look that would go great with this dress is the black smoky eye.

I put a hint of pink in with the brown to match the dress.

Erica wanted us all to wear black heels, so I chose a simple pair of shiny black heels.

For nails, I got some stick ons that had a black bow on the tip of them.

These were a great deal. I got them for $2.99 at Rue21.

With this dress, I would use a simple black clutch.

Tip of the day: In the April, 2011 issue of Seventeen, on page 85, I saw a tip that I’d like to try out sometime. This girl said when curling your hair, to make them look a little less formal but still cute, alternate between curling a piece of hair toward your face and curling a piece of hair away from your face.


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