Blush…as Cover-up?

A little cover-up can make an otherwise make-up-less face look decent.

I had a lot of homework to do today, so I didn’t get very dressed up. I didn’t even put on make-up, and I’m wearing glasses. It’s actually a much-needed break:) This would be perfect if my teachers hadn’t loaded up on us this weekend.

Anyway, you know how when you get a pack of blush, there’s that skin colored one that would be almost pointless to use? Well I’ve found a way to use it! A couple weeks ago, I ran out of cover-up. Since I had something that I felt really needed covering, I was willing to try almost anything. I decided to try using my blush, and…it worked! It actually worked better than many cover-ups I’ve seen. I hope it works for you all too:)

By the way, the picture is not from today; it’s from the day that I first found out that blush works as cover-up.


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