I was going to try and make a new combination outfit for today, but we ended up going to church so I had to go with a normal one. I’ll use my other outfit later on this week.

Today I just wore a dress, brown leggings, and white wedges. Normally I wouldn’t recommend white shoes with dark tights (because it supposedly makes your legs look short and stumpy), but I wore them today because…well, I don’t have any brown heels. I was going to wear my brown boots, but my sister told me that she was going to wear heels. When she does this, it makes her look as tall as me, so I had to do something to look taller.

Close up of the dress

Today's ensemble

Just for kicks, I’ll show you how to fake a haircut. I’ve done it to my friends a few times and they actually believed me. Put a shirt or dress on, making sure you leave your hair inside of it. Then, pull out as much hair as you want, and there you go, you have a new hairstyle.

Fake haircut from 8th or 9th grade (In this picture, I was just holding the rest of my hair behind my head.)

Imaginary Haircut


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